Systematic Theology


Peter Mogila, The Orthodox Confession of the Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Church. 1762.

Platon, Metropolitan of Moscow, The Present State of the Greek Church in Russia: Or, a Summary of Christian Divinity. 1815.

Platon, Metropolitan of Moscow, The orthodox Doctrine of the Apostolic Eastern Church. 1857.

Platon, Metropolitan of Moscow, The Great Catechism of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic, and Orthodox Church. 1867.

N. Boulgaris, A Holy Catechism: Or, Explanation of the Divine and Holy Liturgy and Examination of Candidates for Ordination. 1861.

R. W. Blackmore, ed., The Doctrine of the Russian Church. 1845.

A Harmony of Anglican Doctrine with the Doctrine of the Catholic and Apostolic Church of the East: Being the Longer Russian Catechism : with an Appendix Consisting of Notes and Extracts from Scottish and Anglican Authorities. 1846.

Fundamental Theology

Макарій, Введеніе в православное бобословіе. 1847.

Macarie, Introduction à la théologie orthodoxe. 1857.

Dogmatic Theology

F. Gavin. Some Aspects of Contemporary Greek Orthodox Thought. 1923.

W. Gass. Symbolik der griechischen Kirche. 1872.

Macarie, Théologie dogmatique orthodoxe, Volume 1. 1859.

Macarie, Théologie dogmatique orthodoxe, Volume 2. 1860.

A. S. Khomyakov, The Orthodox doctrine on the Church: An Essay. 1864.


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